Despite the fact that many people believe that marketing, that is, the practice of promoting something through various tactics such as, for example, creating content of all kinds related to what you want to promote, is related only with the product market, it is true that the tertiary or services sector also requires promotion.

This is reaffirmed when taking into account that any company, regardless of its orientation, requires advertising to make itself known among a public that has a potential tendency to request certain benefits with a sufficiently viable record to be able to profit from it. 

Among all the types of companies in the tertiary sector of the economy, there are two services that require, with greater truthfulness, well-directed marketing campaigns, and today, we are going to make them known to you.


Care of the elderly

The elderly require special care in most cases, however, in a society in which, especially in large urban centers, there is an extremely busy life full of tasks , caring for these loved ones becomes quite complicated.

In order to guarantee that the oldest people in our home are not left helpless during the working hours that a common employee has to fulfill, there is the elderly care service, which can be done at home or through a geriatric home. In both cases, the health of the person is guaranteed, as well as their well-being, while the people who care for them are not there.

Retirement homes in Mexico are a service they have needed urgently marketing because many seniors do so constant use of digital media as if it does someone younger, they preferred ads in the newspaper, by regular mail or through the radio, therefore, the marketing campaigns of these lucrative entities must be carried out by these means in order to cover a growing demand.


Dental health

Although the branch of health related to the smile is constantly consulted by people of all ages, it is true that marketing is also needed for this part of the economy because our consumer society tends to focus more on other things. beyond health, a trend that has been reversing with the arrival of fitness trends, as well as the ideal of a long-term disease-free life.

In that sense, many clinics that offer the service of an orthodontist in Tijuana carry out both physical and digital marketing campaigns in order to increase their demand, taking a slice of the economic cake that these healthy trends have left during the last five years, achieving excellent results during the fiscal year, because people, in addition to worrying about the ideal weight and a healthy diet, are also inclined to have healthy teeth.

It can be said that marketing campaigns have a great influence on the demand for services regardless of the age of those who see them.